Lillebjørn - Norway, Trysil

The hytte

Lilljebørn is located on a beautiful location in the little village Trysil, located in the east of Norway. The hytte is build in a way that it hass a both modern but home-like appearence which comfortably suits the natural surrounding. Besides the hytte (called Lillebjorn), a cross-country ski trail is located where you might see some crous-country skiers from time to time. The hytte is located in a neighbourhood called Bjønnåsen hyttegrend (600m above sealevel) and from here a beautiful view on the valley of Trysil is possible: it is possible to see the village, the river and the ski-area. This ski-area is the largest of Norway and during both winter and summer there are loads of activities to participate in. In the winter some of the possibilities are: skiing, crous-country skiing, snowshoeing, husky sleigh rides and more. In the summer some of the activities are mountainbiking, golfing, swimming, rafting, canoeing, tree climbing, hiking and more...

To sum up, Lilljebørn is a place where you can both enjoy and rest in different ways all year long.

The cabin

The cabin is designed to both modern and home-like to make sure you get a nice and pleasent stay. The house has a surface of 130 squared meters and all modern day facilities like WIFI, television and internet are available.

The village

The hytte is located in the small city of Trysil. Even though the city is small it gives place to the largest skiing area in Norway, multiple stores and lots of restaurants, bars and cafeterias.

The hytte

Both modern and home-like


The house is suitable for 10 people (12 if small children are brought along). It is designed to be comfortable in all ways posssible. There is a living place with fire place, an eating area with a modern kitchen, a sauna, two bathrooms and 5 sleeping rooms. Besides: WIFI, internet and a TV (including gameconssole and google home) are present.


The house has been taken care of both from the inside and outside. The hytte has a natural-like look, causing it to be one with the surroundings. There is a large terrace from where you can enjoy a view on the valley, the river and the skiing-mountain. There is a picnic bench present so you can enjoy this view on the valley while eating your breakfasts during the summer.


The surrounding known for its activities during both summer and winter


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